The foundation of any excellent home theater is the A/V equipment. A high-resolution component, a high-quality surround sound system, and a bright and huge screen are vital to your experience. But, you will immediately start to lose interest in your home theater if all of the equipment is hard to operate.  

Before you hire an Alexandria home theater installation company, here are a couple of things to consider first: 

Limit the Disruptions 

It is normal that you may get disrupted during an important scene when watching a movie in your house. You may hear something in the kitchen or a visitor might right your doorbell. Fortunately, you can see what is happening without leaving the area if your home theater system is connected to surveillance cameras. Views from your CCTVs can be sent to your smartphone, the TV screen, or a portable touch screen. You can even utilize an application such as Intercom Anywhere to talk with your family in your home if you are using a Control4 Touch Screen to control your home theater. Aside from that, you can lock/unlock the front door or talk with the visitor without leaving the home theater. 

Set the Scene 

Every single one of us understands that displays look more vibrant and brighter when the environment is dark. This can also be applied to your home theater. When you press play, the lights in your home theater can gradually fade to black under the command of a home theater system. You can have a couple of the lights stay on at a dim level if you prefer that way. With this, you can still see your way in the home theater. The lights can gradually light up when the show is finished.  

Aside from that, you can also add a couple of features to the basic settings. For instance, you can have a break scene that lights a direction to the bathroom or refreshments. You can also have a clean-up scene that turns on all the lights so that you can see all the grime and dirt while cleaning. Furthermore, you can also have a gaming scene where the lights nearest to the screen are turned on so that players can see the controls. 

Combine the Controls 

One of the best ways to improve your home theater experience is to combine every single control of your A/V equipment into a single remote. With this, you won’t have to look for the right remote just to lower the volume of the speakers. Since a lot of home theater systems can be arranged to operate the motorized lift that rolls a projection screen down, temperature settings, and much more, you can control almost everything in your home theater using a single remote.  

Because of this, you can easily improve your home theater experience while having peace of mind so that you can sit back and relax with your favorite movies. You can achieve all of these when you hire the right home theater installation company.